we are sixmani

Sixmani offers new ideas in design and displaying in a wide range of fields, to impress each time again a more and more demanding audience.

This quest for strong emotions, perfection and rare beauty, we like to share with our customers, goes each time far above what is required.

We are the helping hands you are looking for.

Look «under the skin»...go beyond ... “till the bone” means seeing with new eyes the essence to give voice to a new language. An innovative language, the result of the interchange and confrontation, to offer a new angle, a new horizon from which everything changes.

This reveals character traits and fusion of thoughts open to discussion and coached by a specialized vision ready to be translated into a universal language an innovative vision but in line with pure concepts such as respect for nature and the freedom of thought.

How Sixmani can help your business:

Save time and money in design, purchases of components and installation of projects

Benefit from of a young team of dynamic designers with an international background

Access smart ideas and high quality performances always custom-tailored

Be different by hiring fresh thinking and fast moving